The CircassianCommunity CC: -

) Was established to contribute to the Circassian (Adygea) Nation’s economic, political and cultural development, and to raise the national consciousness.

) Supports and encourages -by all means- the publication of the work of our intellectuals who write in the (Adygea) language, and make sure that their work will reach the readers.

) Considers (Xabze) as it’s reference, that benefits and strengthens our national dynamic, such values are considered to be the bases of governing our modern relations.

) Shall gear towards providing a communication grounds to all Circassians (Adygeas) in the world.

) Adopts in it’s publishing the principles of world peace, friendship, brotherhood, an anti-war line, and will condemn any aggressor.

) Does not target, oppose or consider any country as enemy, neither discriminates against any race, religion or nationality.

) Shall not engage political, ideological, or religious movements. However, does not mind supporting other institutions or organizations whose contributions are within its guidelines, regulations and principles and with full respect to its dignity and independence.

) Respects all believes, and will not discriminate against any Circassian (Adygea) because his/ her belief. We oppose any kind of despise, disrespect, and threat among those who do not share same beliefs, no matter what they are (Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc...).

) Has no reservation towards publishing the objectives, policies, and programs of legal activities by any political institution or organization in the home land.

) Will support -by all means- any project or work that might benefit, preserve, and develop the Circassian (Adygea) culture, or contribute to help the Circassian community towards nationalization.

) Will publish and share important documents from different sources within its principles and framework with respect for copyrights and indication to the sources.

) Adopts that all humans , no matter what , have the right and free will to express their opinions freely, negative or positive, with out intervention, and will publish any document in general or specific written about the Circassians (Adygeas).

) Will not allow neither accepts any provocative expressions (writing slogans, etc.).

) Will back up and support all individuals from our community wherever they are, in their scientific, cultural, artistic and political work, with the exception of what may cause harm to our community.

) Will keep the forum service open to participants and readers to express their thoughts and opinions. The principles and regulations of the forums will be published accordingly.

) Will not publish any document or writing that judges other communities, cultures, beliefs, or behaviors.